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Complimentary Human Trafficking Training

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HLAGH is excited to announce a new partnership with BEST, a national leading provider of human trafficking awareness training.

This new partnership will give HLAGH members free access to online human trafficking training for all hotel staff.

Created specifically for the hotel industry, BEST’s online human trafficking training program will help your staff learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and take steps to stop it from occurring.

The training modules are available in English and Spanish, and there is a separate component specifically for management-level employees.

HLAGH members will need to submit their email address here in order to receive HLAGH voucher codes and instructions that will grant you access to complimentary training.

Submit your email to receive a voucher code and get free access to online human trafficking training.

About Best

Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) is the first organization in the country entirely dedicated to working with all types of employers to prevent labor and sex trafficking. 


BEST provides consultation and training to public employers and private businesses focused on reducing human trafficking while mitigating the reputational, legal, and financial risks to the business.

Since 2012, BEST has developed nationally recognized models to leverage the power of business to disrupt trafficking and has trained thousands of employees to identify and respond to suspected cases of trafficking. 


The mission of BEST is to align and equip leaders to use the power of business to prevent human trafficking. Using Awareness, Consultation, Training, and Safe Jobs (ACTS)—BEST helps businesses implement best practices to prevent human trafficking.