Training in Human Trafficking Issues

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Justin Bragiel, General Council with Texas Hotel & Lodging Association  along with The Harris County Human Trafficking Division will address legal liabilities and train to identify specific warning signs of Trafficking.  HLAGH has partnered with BEST, a national leading provider of human trafficking awareness training.

BEST’S human trafficking training program was created specifically for the hotel industry, and it will help your staff learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and take steps to stop it from occurring. 



Training in Human Trafficking Issues

Join us For The 20th Annual HLAGH Bike Building Event

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Supporting Charitable Organizations of Houston

BUILD THE BIKES: We will have 25 Teams consisting of eight (8) Members per Team.  Each Team will assemble two BMX bikes while simultaneously creating a gift card.  A Safety Inspector will be on hand to supervise as Team Members follow pre-printed instructions for putting their bicycles together.  A complete set of tools will be provided to construct the bike.

RELAY RACE: Your team will compete in a fun relay race while the children watch and cheer you on!

DONATE THE BIKE: After the relay race, your team will give the bikes that you built to your designated youngster, who has been watching you through the entire event, and you will take team photos.

Only 25 Teams Available
Please Register For Event by
no later than Monday, December 2nd

Join Us For The 20th Annual HLAGH Bike Building Event